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About Us

The University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS) is located at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) main campus, about 13 km from the City Centre. UDBS came into existence in 2008 as a result of transforming the former Faculty of Commerce and Management (FCM), which was established in 1979. Measured by the strength of its staff in teaching, research and consultancy, plus the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, extensive training and consultancy in business, entrepreneurship and management, UDBS is one of the leading institutions in business and management research, teaching and consultancy in the Sub-Saharan region.

The UDBS manages four approved teaching and research Departments, which are Accounting, Finance, General Management and Marketing. The School has seven Units under the Office of the Dean, namely: Research and Publications; Postgraduate Studies; Undergraduate Studies; Management and Development Consultancy Bureau; Career Counselling Centre; Advancement and Resource Mobilization; and Planning and Finance. 

Vision of the UDBS

UDBS seeks to become a world class Business School that is responsive to national, regional and global socio-economic developmental needs through innovation, knowledge creation and application.

Mission Statement

The mission is to provide quality business and management training, research and advisory services for the development of Tanzania and the rest of the world. UDBS is engaged in the continuous pursuit of excellence to develop knowledge, produce responsible graduates and provide services to the community. In line with furthering socio-economic development, the key thrust of the UDBS is to offer programmes whose graduates are more entrepreneurial, and so are job creators rather than job seekers.

UDBS Motto

Our motto is Knowledge for Management Excellence (KNOW ME)

 UDBS Facilities, Teaching and Learning Environment

The use of major teaching and learning infrastructure and facilities is coordinated at University level. These include the teaching theatres (with the capacity to seat up to 1000 students), the main library, student hostels and student cafeterias. This makes it possible to share the university facilities, including lecture theatres, seminar rooms, the library, conference facilities, teaching equipment and offices. However, the School has two buildings which provide a modern teaching and learning environment. The buildings house most (70%) of its teaching staff and three computer laboratories which are connected to the Internet. Currently all staff in post have and use computers and are all connected to the Internet.

 Offices located in the UDBS buildings are well furnished with adequate Internet access, telephones, photocopiers and system administration services. UDBS has a library with relevant reference books and materials to supplement the main University library. It also benefits from electronic libraries subscribed to by the University library.  Most of the postgraduate teaching is done in UDBS’s modern teaching rooms, which also provide an opportunity to use the case study teaching method. The School is constructing a new building which will provide extra office space for staff.  Among other things the building will also provide extra space for the library, computer laboratory, a Board room, PhD study area, and a recreational area for staff and students.


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